Mixmo was founded in early 2011 after many years of experience by development engineer Fredrik Junkell to find an attractive solution for pick ´n mix candy. The Mixmo Pick´n Mix Concept provs a unique patented Technology that combines a first class buying Experience with the Highest Standards of Hygiene. Mixmo has a Research and Development plant in Ljungsarp.


 Mixmo has a modern and efficient organization that has excellence in many different areas. We have chosen a business model that makes us fast-paced in a world market that can change for each day.

Mixmo is well equipped to handle all types of business, both large and small, with a full focus on the customer regardless of size.

The future

 Do you want to be a partner in a growing business? Are you interested in becoming a part of a growing family where we focus on bulk in all its forms? Do not hesitate to contact us. We are interested in building a strong partnership all around the world.

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65 Northlink Place, Virginia, Queensland 4014
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France Food
18 rue de la Rigolle
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