The non plastic revolution

Mixmo is an inventive technology Company. We have spent years developing the Mixmo Pick ´n Mix machine and the concept around it. And we continue to develop and improve from both technical and commercial perspectives. This is where we put our efforts and passion. As such we operate with Partners in various regions of the World having exclusive distribution status for the Mixmo Pick ´n Mix Concept.
Mixmo also have the Service to be able to provide branded cups and High Quality Candy in bulk, but the Regional Distribution Partners handle Sales, Marketing, Machine Maintenance and the Salespoint distribution of Candy and Cups. 

The Hygienic factor

The patented Mixmo Pick ´n Mix concept secures that the candy is untouched and fresh. It is fun to select the candy from the colorful bins and see your selections drop into you cup. And Kids love it. We have seen that some people avoid traditional Pick ´n Mix products due to hygiene factors but happily buys through the Mixmo system, as such extending the product audience significantly. We are proud to present the Unique Mixmo Pick ´n Mix Concept to a Worldwide audience.

The machine

We are living in a time were more and more people think about the enviroment. Recycling is something that more households do and govements all around the world has a huge focus on this.

Disposables made of plastic and plastic bags is something that many countrys discuss in Europe. In UK the goverment even has forbidden disposables like Coctail sticks, straws and tops made of plastic. In Sweden we are using less plastic bags than a year ago, because of massive PR against shops giving away a bag everytime you buy a thing. Do you need a plastic bag? often we dont.

When using a Mixmo machine companies can contribute to this plastic revolution. Why buy candy in a bag when you can buy in Pick & Mix, totally hygenic and no need for plastic bags. And why stop there? Our machine can be used to much, much more then candy. Coffe, Beans, Nuts, Tea, Animal food, Pasta. The list can go on and on. What is your idea to be a part of the non plastic revolution?

We are living with the future

Facts: Mediterranean
About 425 million people in 21 countries live in the Mediterranean (150 million in the catchment area). About 200 million tourists visit the region each year. Tourism gives huge revenue, which is important in particular in southern European countries, but has a high price for the marine environment.
About 95 per cent of the seabeds consist of plastic. The plastic is transformed into small plastic fragments that remain in the marine environment and seek higher up the nutrient chain. Many species that confuse the plastic with plankton with food risk dying of starvation.
The problems in the Mediterranean are less visible than in other seas. Most of the pollutants end up on the bottom, and the weak currents are unable to bring it to the surface and to the coasts.
The so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch - with bottles, packaging and fishing nets - has a total weight of 80,000 tonnes. The reason for accumulating plastic is due to the swirls of the ocean currents.
In the ocean sediments in the Mediterranean, the concentration is highest in the world - 10,000 microprocessor particles per square kilometer.
The largest pollutants are Turkey 144 tonnes / day, Spain 126 tonnes / day, Italy 90 tonnes / day, Egypt 77 tonnes / day and France 66 tonnes / day.
Wastes are also transported to the sea by rivers like the Nile, Ebro, Rhône, Po and Ceyhan in Turkey. Seed wreckage is estimated to cost the EU fishing fleet 61.7 million euros each year in losses. (Source WWF 20180607)

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