About our candy concept!

Meet Picky pix! The sweetest girl ever that will inspire your customers to buy more sweets or nuts. She is there to guide you and help you to make sure that you get as happy as she is!

Picky livs in a house just beside the store you just visited. If you are lucky..you will meet her in real life. I have heard that she is in France right now. Shouldn´t she be in you country?

If you want Picky and her world be a part of your store and make  your customers experience to something special? Please let us know so we can ask her nicely!

Your possibillities

The Mixmo machine comes as a plain machine, fully functional. Below you can see what options you can choose from to get it even more fun to use for your customers!


Every time you push a button to get the product that the machine offers, it plays a sound. The sound is of free choice and can easily changed depending of season. Ex. Halloween sounds, christmas sound etc.


The machine can be modified with light that makes it even more fun. It will also draw attention to it when it´s not used.


A display is recomended! You have comercial adds here or just information about how to use the machine. Or why not both?   


What size do you need? We can make it almost as you want it. The machine is build by modules and makes it possible to have just a small machine for nuts inn a bar, or a thin machine in a smaller shop.

We can make the machine what size you want!  Just contact us and we will find a solution that fits you and your store!

Look at the right to see som examples of what we can do!  

What products can I have in the machine?

What do you want to sell?  The machine can handle almost everything that you sell in your store today. Pasta, nuts, candy, animal food, toys etc. Only your imagination makes it possible!

We can also provide you with a standard designed module if you want. In that case you can be up and running in about 10 weeks from ordering the machine.


There are many different possibilities to be part of the Mixmo family while contributing to the better environment. We allow our customers to either buy or lease the machine. It's up to you as a customer which suits you best and your business!

Service & support?

We have a manual that help you if something shouldn´t work. We also provide service by phone, email or Skype. In cases tht this doensn´t help we will go directly to you and sort out the problem for you. Standard Swedish super service!