Volume sensor

As a complement to our hygienic distribution unit, we have also developed a sensor (patented) to assess the contents of a container, e.g. pick-n-mix candy

The sensor system fits all/most kinds of containers and is easy to mount on existing shelves

The modul is developed with the objective to be used in larger installations (cost and scale)

How it can be used

The sensor can be applied to all existing containers on the market and it works with both gravity-bins and traditional open bins/containers

There is no need for modification of existing bins/containers necessary – the sensor can be attached on the outside using tape, or can be places between two containers

And of course it  also can be used on Mixmo’s hygienic distribution solution (closed containers)

A solution that even works for e-commerce!

There is also other ways to use our machine. We can adjust the machine so that your customer can do their choises from where ever they are! A virtual machine makes it possible for you to do do what has never been done before! Contact us for more information today!

Vending machine

Our machine can also be prepared for card payment which makes it even more flexible in where it can be placed. Airports, train terminals, shopping malls are some of the many possibilities. Being able to be seen in such places is also valuable in brand-building purposes. Filling and cleaning service is the only thing that you have to take care of. And with a combination of the volume sensor it makes it cost effective!

How it works

  • One or multiple sensor, ”no touch” sensor.
  • Data collection unit gathers data from connected sensors.
  • Collecte data converted, packaged and sent to a cloud server.
  • Cloud server stores, links data to the right user and runs calculations to provide the user with the desired information.

User information formatted to be possible to send electronically (SMS, mail, App, home page…) via the internet.
The Information can be sent directly to the retail outlet’s logistics and/or MPR system
We can also, in the simplest/cheapest solution, install  a LED-indicator on the front that indicates ”low level”